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img the read to know more Users of this website.

If you are not logged in:
► You can not read the most important part of many texts.
► You can not send any questions or suggestions to the authors of the texts.
► But you can usually take part in promotions, petitions, etc..

img the read to know more If logged in:
► Then the above limitations do not apply.
► All you need to register: Your e-mail address + fantasy name.

img financing information  If you are a premium user:
► This brings various small benefits and services.
► You can create and moderate non-public private groups with discussion rights for participants you have admitted.
► Personal data not necessary. All we need is the data for payment of 24 € per 3 months. Can be terminated at any time by the end of the quarter.

img my home is my castle Privacy protection:
► We only expect from users to supply an e-mail address.
► Fantasy names are allowed and preferred.
► You only enter other data if you want it and do it yourself.

► Your data will not be sold to anyone and will not be shared.
► We do not have any "like"-buttons, etc. As a result, we protect your data significantly against social networks.

► Unfortunately, we too have to use "cookies" but only applied as far as necessary for your user comfort. (For "Sessions". No evaluation / storage by us.)
► There are technical alternatives to cookies. Unfortunately, we can not enforce this alone.

img so beautiful Code of Conduct
(comments, messages)

The "5 Commandments" of this website:

► If you’re here to get help, make it as easy as possible for others to help you. Remember: Our community is mostly made possible by volunteers.
► If you’re here to help others, be patient and welcoming. Offer support if you see someone in need of help.
► Be clear and constructive when giving feedback, and be open when receiving it.
► Be kind and avoid sarcasm. If a situation makes it hard to act kindly, stop participating and move on.
► Flag harmful behavior, whether it’s directed at you or others. This will notify moderators or automatically delete such comments.


If you are an author:

Who can become a writer here?
Suggestions to:   ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

img explore more
► Only connoisseurs of the respective subject area can enter texts on this website.
► Appropriate authors are addressed here.
► Authors can also suggest themselves using the contact form on this website.
► Preference is given to authors who are used to scientific work (university degree or equivalent), but who know how to write comprehensibly for everyone.

Why become an author?
img enlightening services
► Authors will not receive a financial compensation.
► For texts for education and background knowledge, it is a service to the community and to all: Meritory goods goods for the reputation of the author.

img how to do... In case of useful applicable knowledge:
► Authors may suggest their services (first contact via the contact form of this website).
► --- Examples: Business consultants, lawyers, physicians, consultants, appraisers, sociologists, architects. Scientists especially for economics, sociology, constitutional law, international politics, holistic medicine.
► Experienced expert retirees are especially invited as authors.

legal notice
If the author offers services or paid deliveries in his texts, he must respect the mandatory rules of legal notice of his country in his menu page: Name, address, (if applicable:) the registration number in an official register, etc...


tools for authors
img assembling information pieces
► Editing texts and images is just as easy as in forums and social networks.
► Two input fields: The first input field is for the public half of the text. The second input field is for the half of the text that only logged in users can read.
► Authors can easily themselves set up a menu page of all the articles they have written on this website. Authors can there also add a link to own websites.

advanced tools
img assembling information pieces
► Authors may probably soon be able to convert their texts into e-books at any time free of charge using the software on this website - ,pdf and .epub.
► Recycling and distribution is then up to the authors.
► On a befriended website, authors can use crowdfunding for selling their e-books. (Please do not overvalue the chances of success.)

► The software system used here includes functions for authors that go far beyond simple text input. For example, free layout design is possible. If useful, authors will receive instructions how to use this without special knowledge.

img please hear! authors create discussion groups
► Authors can form public or private groups.
► They can allow public member text posts, as long as the authors moderates it and removes inappropriate posts.


img when many people contribute Businesses and organizations:

► Collective memberships and sponsorship memberships can be arranged. Please use the contact form.
► Businesses and organizations can receive distinct areas for internal or public communication or citizen discussion.
► Agreements conforming to the legislation for continuing professional development can be arranged.

img author and co-author in harmony translators wanted

Suggestions please to:    ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

► For texts for education, science, deep thinking, abstract analysis.
► Especially from English and German into the other languages.
► Only by native speakers of the respective languages.
► By good such translations, students can earn points for their professional applications and exam grades.

creation of Videos and Podcasts
EN DE FR ES RU ZH AR PT JP img  same content, different views

Suggestions please to:    ok @
(in languages _EN_ _DE_ FR_ _ES_)

► Important texts of this website should also be available as video and podcast. In particular: _EN_ _FR_ _FR_ _ES_
► Publishing: Youtube and others. - Access will also be integrated into this website.
► Costs are low. For _EN_ _DE_ we already have a team (Berlin). - Please contact us:
► (1) If you can contribute to the financing.
► (2) If you are willing to create such videos or podcasts for free.
► (3) If you want to make it a startup business.